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Jadyne "Jay" Bell

Hey there, I'm Jadyne |Ja-Don| but you can call me Jay. I’m a witty, charismatic, creative from south Louisiana. (French ancestors, hence the name Jadyne.)


I love making things. All things. So I created Clover Spark to serve as a digital home for all of the things I've created. Here you will find some of my graphic design work, board games I'm developing, creative writing pieces, and a whole lot of other things I enjoy doing in my spare time.

What kind of things do I do in my spare time? Well, I vibe to great music, perform improv acting shows, play video games, dance, watch movies, create pop culture pieces that I don't quite know how to categorize, and I've also hosted a radio show.

So, yeah. There's going to be a lot of content here. Enjoy.

New Posts

"Why the name Clover Spark?"

There's a fairly simple explanation for that. It was tough to devise a name for a site that would encompass so much. I remembered my favorite movie, Cloverfield, and how it's title didn't directly relate to the plot, but was still memorable. Spark was a constant in my drafts, because I have so many little ideas bursting about on a daily basis.