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Become an amazing mole and do the one thing that matters most, eating more food than your others. That’s the goal. Move, Dig, Sniff, and perform Special Actions that help you collect Snack Chips and reach the Dinner Chip at center of the board.


– 16 Special Action Tokens

– 1 Leading Mole Marker

– 1 Rule Sheet

– 1 Tile Tray

– 4 Mole Tokens

– 81 Tiles
– 2 Six-Sided (D6) Dice

– 1 Dinner Chip

– 10 Snack Chips

Key Features and Mechanics

- Action Points
- Dice Rolling
- Pieces As Map

​- "Take That"
​- Search And Discover
​- Race For Point


Downloadable Content

We know that most gamers aren't used to life as an amazing mole. Don't you fret your furry fingers, though. Our rule sheet has all the details you need for underground indulgence.

Rule Sheet

We're working diligently on the Print & Play files for A Maze & Moles. Soon enough, you will be able to turn your tabletop into a ton of tunneling fun for you and your friends!

Print & Play