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Conception: November 2019

A Maze & Moles was originally a submission to a Button Shy board game design contest. Back then, the game was called Holey Moley.

Not only did we change the name, we implemented new game mechanics and focused on our theme even more. This exploration game is designed with color-blind gamers in mind, utilizing symbols and colors that are easily recognizable by those who are faced with visual challenges.

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Key Features and Mechanics

- Action Points
- Dice Rolling
- Pieces As Map

​- "Take That"
​- Search And Discover
​- Race For Point


Become an amazing mole and do the one thing that matters most, eating more food than your others. That’s the goal. Move, Dig, Sniff, and perform Special Actions that help you collect Snack Chips and reach the Dinner Chip at center of the board.


– 16 Special Action Tokens

– 1 Leading Mole Marker

– 1 Rule Sheet

– 1 Tile Tray

– 4 Mole Tokens

– 81 Tiles
– 2 Six-Sided (D6) Dice

– 1 Dinner Chip

– 10 Snack Chips

Downloadable Content

We know that most gamers aren't used to life as an amazing mole. Don't you fret your furry fingers, though. Our rule sheet has all the details you need for underground indulgence.

We're working diligently on the Print & Play files for A Maze & Moles. Soon enough, you will be able to turn your tabletop into a ton of tunneling fun for you and your friends!

Take A Look At The Components

The game board for A Maze & Moles is compose of 81 assorted (1" x 1") tiles. At the center of the tiles is the Meal Tile (marked with little ants).

The 4 Corner Tiles are placed in the corners of the game board, and serve as starting points for all of the players.

The other 76 Tunnel Tiles (10 of these tiles are numbered 1-10) are all shuffled, face-down, and dispersed to create a 9 x 9 grid of tiles.

Game Board set up

Meal Tile and the four types of Tunnel Tiles

Corner Tiles at each angle

10 Numbered Tunnel TIles

Mole tokens

Two D6 dice number 1-3, twice

10 Snack Point chips
and the Meal Point chip

Leading Mole Marker to indicating the player currently in the led

Energize - Special Action allowing a player to perform an additional Basic Action.

Exploration - Special Action allowing a player to move to a different tile.

Cave-In - Special Action allowing a player to turn a Tunnel Tile face-down.

Aggression - Special Action allowing a player to take a player's Snack Point.

A double-sided rule sheet listing all need-to-know mechanics of the game.

4 game play reference cards that list: what happens when a double is rolled, the three Basic Actions and how much Mole-tivation they cost, and a point and scoring chart for each number of players.

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