In Questers, you’ll explore a galaxy that revolves around an ominous power source called the Aura. Collect items, avoid hazards, battle opponents, and much more. Somewhere out there lie the keys to infinitely expanding the universe as we know it.

The Gamer In Me

For over two decades, I've played a variety of games, and I continue to discover more and more each week. I can recall the moment my tabletop gaming world was rocked. 

While living in upstate New York, someone explained the obvious fact that there are more than just "board games." There are board games, card games, party games, RPGs, and so many sub-categories for tabletop gaming.

This was so exciting for me. It was probably what rooted the seed that could later grow into a desire to designs my own games. So, thank you, Michael Barakiva. Thank you for showing me that Catan was just the tip of the iceberg.

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Clover Spark Games

With over two dozen game concepts brewing at Clover Spark, I strive to make sure they do one thing above all else... that is enhance and promote social experiences.

While they span many categories, utilize many different mechanics, and cater to many audiences, I examine each game, thoroughly. Countless hours are spent ensuring that there's purposeful agency, a well-integrated theme, and genuine fun throughout game play.

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Ever wanted to be an amazing mole inside of a maze with other moles? No? Well, let me tell ya... it's amazing. There is only one thing on the mind of these moles, and that's food. You'll need all the "mole-tivation" you can muster in this one.

Try your hand in this tabletop version of classic arcade-style fighting games. There is no movement, no complex or advantageous fight mechanics, just you, you opponent, and input of offensive and defensive ability. 

Many More Titles Coming Soon!

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