East Of Everywhere

To Those Whom It Concerns:


This table is perfect for two. Not too tall, or too tightly positioned that a couple couldn't comfortably take in the travel lodge's beauty. Welcome to Dyadica, population 'just right.'


That's really right up the alley of a Ryan Reynolds rom-com. You don't know the one, right? See, this is why we gel so well.


The raindrops roll along this rooftop railing. It's almost tragic. Gravity gives them nothing but an end, as they meet our paired palms. One after another. Three, then four, then five. What if it satisfies them to soak into my skin? Do they get to begin again from something sub-par or practically perfect? That would be worth it.

How far I've come from that terrible table in that tiny town. The ups and downs are all one direction with you. And if I were to be true, that's what makes you beautiful.


Sun at my face and sand at my feet, nothing but open air and an incredible island. I identify with the instances of isolated visits. One, after another... but then, I discovered that lightning never stops striking if you're casting a rod. And wherever you are, it hits hard. I feel numb, but I also feel things I can't quite explain. When the pain and paralysis passes, we recover and discover the truth.

With time comes change. Not even the 96 Bulls lasted forever. But whether we weather the storm or conform to a norm, nothing should stop us from giving it another shot.

Until Forever,

-Letters to Lawrenceville

"Whoever You Are"