Go! Fight! Win!

Oh Hello There,

Did you get my note last period? Pencils present such a pain when dotting your I's artistically. Like really, those hearts were hard. Those were platonic placements of "like," by the way. Like... in the way you would say, "That's so cute" or "You're the best."  

About the note, though. Let's go steady... i mean study! The library is so very conducive when chasing the illusive lessons we face. And then there's your face. Your dumb face. I don't get how you don't get it. Why can't you connect the dots like the twenty yard kicks from cleated soccer kicks. I have a goal, but...


I remember November. Being more of ghost than a girl, but not of another world, just wound up in the words of our peers. These ice cold bleachers are as iron as my resolve, but you're perplexed by pom-poms and pep rallies.

I rally my inner warriors, 

-Letters to Lawrenceville

"Make A Move"