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Conception: December 2018

Questers was originally titled Oasis: Outer Worlds. It was a potential solution to the idea that there are few (if any) games out there that allow you to play as your favorite characters, or a character that is unique to each game of an ever-changing adventure.

Our aspirations are for Questers is that players will explore this galaxy time and time again with their friends, as the characters we offer here, but eventually as many of their favorite pop-culture icons.

Key Features

- Character-Specific Skills
- Character Attribute Strengthening
- Multiple Item Categories

- Battles and Detrimental Hazards

- Death and Re-Spawning

- Game Board Exploration

- Key Collection

- Three-Part Endgame Objectives


– The Core Hex Cluster
– 4 Orbital Space Hex Cluster pieces
– 6 Deep Space Hex Clusters
– 2 Item Market Hex Clusters
– 2 Portal Hex Clusters
– 1 Junkyard Hex Cluster
– 1 Attri-boost Hex Cluster

– Endgame tableau

– Gameplay tableau
– 7 player progress trackers

– 30 Item chips
– 35 Hazard chips
– 10 Qoin chips
– 3 Key chips
– 36 Attri-boost chips
– 10 Dice Puzzle chips

– 4 Extra Life chips
– 3 Nickey Reynard chips

– Draw-string bag

– 6 D6 dice

– 7 Quester character cards

– 7 Re-Spawn tokens

–  7 Quester miniatures

– 21 Skill cards

– 50 Item cards

– 40 Hazard cards

– 10 Ritual Sacrifice cards

– 20 Dice Puzzle cards

– 3 Game Boss cards

– 18 Key tokens

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End Game Objectives

Ritual Sacrifice

Every quest comes with risk. Here, each Quester must offer a sacrifice in order the delve deeper into The Core. Even while knowing what must be lost, the toll can be quite heavy.

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Game Play Highlights

Item categories

There's much to be found throughout the galaxy surrounding The Core. From common blasters to artifacts of great wonder, Questers have many options on what to add to their Arsenal.

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More Game Content Coming Soon