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In this dice-rolling, decision-making race, 2-6 players ages will spend 15-25 minutes moving their team of frogs from the center of the board to the outer end.

On your turn, you’ll use your dice roll to hop onto lily pads bringing your team closer to victory. Speaking of hopping, the right circumstance will let you hop over any other amphibian in your way. Isn’t that toad-ally cool! There are special rewards for rolling doubles, and tons of decisions to weigh out as you work your way into the Winner's Circle.

– 18 Frog Meeples
– 2 Numbered D6 Dice

– Double-side Game Board

– 30 Star Lily Pad Tokens

– 6 Player Cards

– Dice Rolling
– Racing

– Chaining (Light)

– Board Manipulation

– Cultural
– Quick Turns

– No Useless Turns

– Positive Interactions

– Probability
– Basic Addition

– Spatial Planning

– Opportunity Cost





Educational Practices



This isn't just any race in the river. There are rules and regulations that each contender must abide by. This is not hop-tional! The Athletic Amphibian Association has provided the competition rules here, for your review.

Oh, you're one of those fancy publishers looking to sponsor spectacular games? Well, why didn't ya say so! Take a look at our Sell Sheet. I'm willing to bet my biggest bullfrog that this is an un-frog-gettable experience.

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