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The more that I’m away from you,
the more I want to wait for you.
I just want to enter your eyes
and walk where happiness lies.
But, that’s lies because...

when we meet it’s as if we’ve never met our lips.
Like we’ve never stolen love like two thieves in the night.
And at night,
it’s like the moon shines just for us.
It shines... for you.
But you act as if we’ve never locked our bodies in a pool of passion
pounding with a potential that neither of us can control.
And when I dive...
I dive deeply,

not worried about the waves
because you express that ecstasy in oh so many ways.


I wait for you, just to wait for you.
See, I don’t mind knowing that you’re walking my way
just as long as when you walk my way
You walk… my way.
That way that blows my mind.
That way that slows… down… time.
See, I remember that time we were at that place doing that thing
with those people on that date that doesn’t even matter,
because when you made that face
you took my heavy heart and you held it.
See, you had my permission without having to ask,
and that ass is the only aspect without any affect on the way that I’m feeling.
I don’t pay much attention to it,
that’s why I’m always feeling.
Maybe it’ll become familiar but for that, I can wait.
But wait... please don’t believe I’ll be waiting forever.
Only my affection lasts through lifetimes.


At times when I wait for you
I wonder what you do, while I wait for you.
Not in negativity just giving me something to do,
some image of you while I wait.
Other girls do arrive with those envious eyes,
those eyes that are so damn set on my prize.
Your prize.
Your gift, from me, that I will wait to give you.
I will wait until you take it because I can’t force you to care for me.
I can only feel how I feel and hate how it feels to wait.
Yes, patience is pain, but pleasure is the same.
So why should we both hurt?
I think I’ll just wait.
Could you wait?
Could you sleep every night
knowing that in the morning when you wake

I could keep you waiting?
Could you wait, knowing that while you wait
there could be someone else I’m dating?
See, while I wait there’s a lot of weight being place on my shoulders
but I will wait with that weight if it means I get to hold ya.
All I ask is that you hold my heart.
I hope that doesn’t bug you.
But back to me and this waiting.
I’ve been waiting to tell you that... I love you.